Saturday, 18 February 2017

adventures begin

the wonderful Sabine is joining us on SPA for this week's theme of DICTIONARY

I found the dictionary definition on Pinterest and then low and behold I found a pocket size dictionary that was going to be thrown away and so... I figured I'd keep it for my artwork!
hope you have fun with this theme
Mandy xx

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Go with your heart

This week's Sunday Postcard Art was chosen by Stacy and is VINTAGE ROMANCE.

It's probably not pc but I love this postcard I made... all the crackle has turned out brill!

come over and play along with us....

Mandy xx

Saturday, 4 February 2017

East meets East

this week on Sunday Postcard Art the theme is ORIENTAL.
I've scanned this postcard but it's not it's true colours... IRL the background actually matches the images. lol I may try to photograph it in the morning when there is some light.
Anyhoo... Tricia chose the theme, she is a new hostess to SPA
I had the pleasure of meeting Tricia when I went to visit Carol last December and she is fab at mixed media

Mandy xx

World Cancer Day

well.... it's World Cancer Day.... for me, every single day is Cancer day!

I never knew anyone who'd had cancer, my parents both died but not of cancer of other health problems. But no, no one

then... my daughter got cancer... where from? who knows. She was a healthy 21 year old woman, who was fit... she did pole dancing, could hold herself upside down. Ate a vegetarian diet for the majority of her life. Never ate processed food and we never had a microwave.

One day, she was fine, then she felt like she had a stitch in her side, maybe a pulled muscle. She went to the GP who gave her some pain medication, she took the medication. 5 days later she was vomiting blood. I took her to the hospital where we discovered she had an ulcer from the pain meds. This was bad enough. Then after numerous blood tests and scans then discovered cancer... it was neuro-endocrine cancer. That was 2 weeks into her going into hospital.

6 weeks later Lily died. She came home one night but it was too traumatic. so we had no 3 6 9 months to live, no time to do anything. I spent every night sleeping next to her at hospital either in a chair or in a put up bed. My brother took time off work to do the same.

She was one brave girl. I miss her so much every single day. I cannot stop thinking about all the pain she went through and that I could not help her. I could only sit and watch my child suffer and slowly die in front of my eyes.

my heart goes out to anyone who suffered any sort of cancer as well as their loved ones.

Take Care
Mandy xx

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Veganuary 2017 Week 4

well, we've reached week 4 and yes I survived.

But I'm wondering just how much of a vegan I can call myself as I feed Myrtle chicken every day that I buy and cook. (yuck btw) I don't enjoy doing this but have to due to Miss Myrtle being so ill. I have to feed her by hand and chicken is the only food that seems to stay down.

Before she was ill, none of the animals here at Octopode Towers ate anything meaty. Myrtle is my little baby girl and I will do anything to prolong her life.

Here's my entry for Go Tag Thursday... the theme is ephemera, I've used lots on this even though they aren't hugely noticeable.
Thanks for looking
Mandy xx

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Handle with Care

Here is my mixed media piece for this week's Sunday Postcard Art
where the theme is SEPIA, chosen by Rosie.
I've used images from Hidden Vintage Studios.
To be honest, I have a box of images already cut out from various collage image companies and I'm trying to use them up. It works quite well in collage/mixed media as you can use a lot of images as texture.
I'm loving my journey
Mandy x

Veganuary week 3

ooopps  bit late posting this as it's already nearly the end of week 4.

Tried a lot of things this week, including vegan cheese.... no no no and NO.  I'd really rather go without.

But I've found a gorgeous vegetarian pate that is divine, especially on toast. It's a nice accompaniment to homemade soup. Yummy

 Doing some chunky granny square crochet...
here it is so far..
have to wait for some more black wool to carry on
it's so warm
Mandy xx

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Circles, Clocks and Cogs

Im excited this week, as on Sunday Postcard Art we have our very first youtube video ! yay... our hostess is called Jopke, she's a lovely lady on a mixed media journey, and her videos are great. please show her some support by going over and watching her

Anyhoo.... here's my entry for this week.... I've used freebie images from DezinaWorld  ~ the whole blog is full of freebies so why not head over there to check it out!

i'm having so much fun with collage and texture at the moment!
Mandy xx

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Veganuary 2017 week 2

I've survived week 2 of this years Veganuary. Actually, I'm not surviving I'm enjoying it. Although week 2 proved more of a crumpet and toast week than cooking compared to week 1.

 Yesterday, my friend Amanda and I went into Derby on a vegan quest for some new foods to try. There's a fab shop called 'soundbites' which is opposite the bus station towards the market hall. Everything they sell is vegan. How cool is that? I got myself some Divine chocolate, low salt stock cubes (my food is very salty, I think it's the regular stock cubes I'm using) some cheese sauce mix so I can make some mac n cheese (I've surprised myself that I don't actually miss cheese)

After a while we decided we needed to rest our weary feet, and sample some chocolate.... I got the one with Raspberries in. It is lush!
So, all in all, we visited many shops on our quest. Soundbites, Sainsburys, Grape Tree, Tesco, Holland and Barratt, FarmFoods.
Apart from Soundbites the rest of the shops had hardly any vegan products at all.
Most disappointing especially when said shops have it online, but who can afford to do £40 shops at every online shop??

I'm happy with what I am doing for now. So onward... to week 3

Mandy xx

Saturday, 14 January 2017

zetti this

This week it's ZETTI on Sunday Postcard Art. I used to make a lot of zetti inspired projects but haven't for a while so I thought it would be great to use it as a theme this week.

Mandy xx

Saturday, 7 January 2017

The measure of a Lady

This week has been busy, I've been sorting out hosts for the first half of the year for
Sunday Postcard Art.
I always enjoy this, the interaction with the girls who play along with us every week as well as approaching new hosts that I've asked to join us as hosts.
 This is for this week's theme of TAPE MEASURE/RULER

Thanks for looking
Mandy xx

Veganuary 2017

This year, I decided to join in with the Vegan fun over on Veganuary..... you spend the whole month of January being a Vegan.
As I've been a vegetarian for 30 years, you wouldn't think it would be hard but it has not been the easiest.... besides the easy things you know you can't eat such as cheese, chocolate, eggs etc there's so many 'hidden' animal ingredients in food.
But I've been cooking everyday, made lots of soups lol. And I've survived a week so far, I did not realise just how addicted to sugar I am

here's to week 2

Diablo says 'hi'

Mandy xx